What’s it all about?


So … what is this blog about and why have I created it?

As much as I wanted a blog to be about ‘design’ from a career point of view:

  • interior design
  • manufacturing and design
  • design and the environment
  • past present and future interior design projects

I also wanted a blog that focused on my belief, that everyday [bearing in mind circumstances can come into play] each of us gets to ‘design’ our life:

  • our ‘choices’ put us in various situations and take us in certain directions
  • what we ‘think’ creates the world we perceive and live in
  • we ‘create’ our possibilities and opportunities

Which brings me to … What’s Next?

My partner, Philip and I are moving to Barcelona and much of the Blog will, at least initially, be about how we go about that, the experiences along the way and how I get to continue in my desire to engage in my chosen career; Interior Design coupled with the manufacture and sale of my candle range.


One thought on “What’s it all about?

  1. I’m pretty much excited what’s going to happen next.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything is going to turn out brilliantly.
    Best wishes

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