Azul-Tierra [translated: Blue-Earth]

Interior Designer ‘Toni Espuch’ who defines his business as a “laboratory of proposals for decoration” originally began Azul-Tierra in Alicante more than 20 years ago. The original 1994 store remains, with the Barcelona store in the ‘Eixample’ on Carrer de Còrsega, 276-282, being a recent addition.

An eccentric collection; from the sublime to the disturbing…

On entering Azul-Tierra, your senses are fully engaged from the outset. On either side of you is an overwhelming ‘array’ of beautifully displayed candles and scents. Amongst the collections on offer two, which I am most familiar with, are ‘Diptyque’ and a favourite of mine for its sophisticated scents ‘Cire Trudon’


It’s so easy to get side tracked by the candles that you almost forget to carry on into the store. Re-focusing yourself, you move on down past the crockery and then suddenly the store opens up into a wondrous cavernous space full of juxtaposed furniture, accessories, art and sculpture. There are; 1:20 scale models of various iconic corner buildings-20th century designed classics-Beautifully restored antiques comfortably displayed beside contemporary elements. Many of the pieces are ‘statement’, big and bold or exquisite, definitely high end.

16939162_1403016109768522_1645198744727510018_n1   azul_tierra_barcelona_place-full

For me, the disturbing even abhorrent element of the collection is the taxidermied birds and various animal heads; giraffes and zebras etc. – Personally, I just cannot fathom the need to display a ‘stuffed’ dead animal.

14595782_1235106046559530_6039535441367500759_n1   14915190_1235105873226214_3571511490412808719_n

Ref: Azul-Tierra Facebook Page:
B-Guided Barcelona ‘Interview with Toni Espuch’ by Brian Gallagher 26.02.14
Images taken from the Azul-Tierra Facebook page and Google
*unfortunately entry to Azul-Tierra’s website was unobtainable at the time of writing


  1. Another very interesting adventure! It’s like a different world out there! …Of course it is…! Sounds like your buckets are filled in this store!! What an amazing collection! Thank you for letting me have a peek over your shoulder! 🙂
    Now…did you buy anything…?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your comments Jose, pleased you found it interesting. Yes it is and it isn’t a different world, it becomes easier to negotiate and understand day by day. No I didn’t buy anything unfortunately, a bit outside my price range for the moment…a good scouting trip however 🙂


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