Hot on the heels of ‘Being Authentic’ I thought, based on various comments I received that it was important I thank you for your concern and clarify that I am actually doing just fine.

My intention was only to portray ‘what I think’ are ‘normal’ reactions to a major lifestyle change; self-talk, self-doubt and anxiety, and the very real challenges faced along the way.

From experience I know that a year from now, none of this present ‘stuff’ will probably even matter. Everything is in change, nothing remains the same.

It begs the question then ‘Why do I do IT?’

Primarily IT is for the experience, because the experience is incredible, its life changing and it’s empowering.

Travel broadens the mind, it has the ability to change the way you think and the way you perceive. It introduces you to humanity. On the way you’ll meet new cultures, landscapes, architecture, foods, history, religions, the list is endless.

However, it’s beyond travel, beyond ‘being on the outside looking in’, when you choose to stop and integrate, that’s when the real changes take place.

It forces you to step outside your comfort zone, to re-evaluate what’s important to you, even to reconsider ‘what is the norm?’

You become more self-aware, confident and assured. You will readdress such things as your values, goals and aspirations. At times you’ll have to dig deep to find your incredible reserves of strength that you weren’t even aware existed.

You’ll meet new people and make wonderful friends and possibly even find a partner… From a very human point of view you have the opportunity to learn such things as empathy, tolerance, compassion and even gratitude.

It’s definitely worth IT and IT will change you forever.


  1. Hi Stephen
    I realise what you mean, now. Thank you for your explanation. Yes, it all makes sense, doesn’t it!? And everything happens for a reason! I relate to the fact that when we need it, we have a great reserve of strength!
    You’re doing well and I want to congratulate you on the achievements each time. It feels great, doesn’t it!

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