Spring [translated: Primavera]

My father is an avid gardener and his father was a propagator of plants for various nurseries around the Wanganui and Taranaki districts of New Zealand where I grew up. My grandfather had an incredible and expansive garden and most Saturdays as a teenager, you would find me somewhere on the grounds gardening [pulling weeds] for pocket money. Some of my fondest memories are staying with my Gran in Napier, out in the sunshine, both of us tackling her garden. So I guess it can be said that to some degree I inherited the ‘love of plants’ gene.

‘Nature’ is incredibly ‘designed’.

As an interior designer I love various forms of architecture, furniture and stumbling across inspiring design stores, yet there’s something about getting out into nature that feeds my soul.


Spring inspires me and lifts my mood.

Growing up in New Zealand where gardens are more akin to the English variety and having spent several springs in the UK I have come to expect an array of flowering bulbs and trees around me however, it seems that blossoms and more evidently daffodils are a little more ‘hidden’ in Barcelona and you have to ‘know’ where to look to appreciate them. Many of my best finds ‘so far’ have been within the various gardens on Montjuic.


Finding my ‘green fingers’ again, currently I have on our balcony; Rosemary, Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley and from seeds I am growing Chili’s and Cat Mint [supposed to be good at keeping Mosquitos at bay]


Ref: Title Image ‘Spring’ taken form Google. All other images my own.



4 thoughts on “EXPAT: SPRING IS HERE

  1. Dear Stephen,
    I enjoyed your story, again!
    I just adored the photos!
    As soon as I started reading about your father and grandfather being avid gardeners and thinking of you in your apartment, I guessed you’d be missing out…!
    But how lovely, that you have friends in the vicinity of gardens, which look absolutely amazing! The bird-of-paradise is beautiful! The giant asparagus (LOL) with the view in the background looks amazing!
    Even the door with the silver tree photo made me feel warm and excited! That is art!
    When I see things like that, I realise there is another bucket of mine that needs filling!!
    And I can’t wait to come and see it all with my own eyes…!!
    I’m pleased you’re making the most of your balcony and I’m sure you’ll have it filled with beautiful things in no time!
    Well, I’m just going to look up Montjuic! Sounds like Juicy Mountain! Hihihi!


  2. Hey Steven,I guess we all inherited that green thumb as I’m enjoying being back in NZ and taking great delight in pottering about in my vege and flower gardens.


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