stephenburkedesigns insta #2

atkin & thyme chest drawers

Greenwich Vintage 7 Drawer Chest

Black stained Mango Wood chest of drawers with brass fitments. Great home office solution, especially if you work with large sheets of paper or card or perfect for a living area, dining room or in the kitchen – an alternative take on the traditional island unit  keep spices and crockery in the drawers – add a black marble or granite top for a chopping surface.

2 thoughts on “stephenburkedesigns insta #2

  1. Hi Stephen
    I like it! But you are using it in the lounge?
    Do the drawers open easily or is it a heavy kind of wood?
    Very nice!
    I’ll come and have a feel of the wood!!
    Enjoy filling it with your things!


  2. Hi Jose,
    No I have not purchased this piece of furniture. You’ve drawn my attention to the fact that I need to be more specific about my ‘Insta’ content. These are furniture, lighting or design items that appeal to me that I post in Instagram and then re-post on my blog. Stephen


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