I was introduced to Antique Boutique initially by my friend Johan and have subsequently visited the store on several occasions for its great atmosphere and kaleidoscope of treasures…ranging from collected items, pre-loved furniture, lighting and decorative objects [I say pre-loved when on closer inspection some pieces have been a little too loved and are showing signs of how should I say it? “having lived a life”] to custom made furniture.

Collage 1

In their own words:

“In Antique Boutique we sell old objects and furniture including; Antiques with 1900’s Industrial designed furniture, religious imagery with sixties pieces, kitsch with the Nordic, fifties furniture with the baroque, the modern with the decadent.

We are a company dedicated to the artisan manufacture of furniture, covering materials such as antique wood, aged mirrors, patinated brass, formica and marble. With a very personal style, we design our own collection of furniture, which together with the selection of vintage objects, unique pieces and antiques, give shape to the world ‘Antique Boutique’”.

Stand out pieces:

Manises Lamparas: Decorative ceramic lamp bases, produced in the 1960’s in Manises, a town famous for pottery, near Valencia in Spain. I love their organic lines and for some reason they remind me a little of wedding cakes. [Disappointingly, many of the ones in store were showing signs of damage].


Patchwork de espejos antiguos y envejecidos: A unique, custom made mixture of antique mirrors and handcrafted aged mirrors.


Vidrio de murano: Murano glass is glass made on the Venetian island of Murano, which has specialized in fancy glassware’s for centuries. Murano’s glassmakers led Europe for centuries, developing or refining many glass technologies. [Source: Wikipedia]


Custom Made Furniture:

Collage 2B

Address: Carrer de Seneca 16, Barcelona, 08006


Ref: Images taken from google and Antique Boutiques website


  1. Very interesting. What a diverse collection of unusual and sometimes familiar items, sometimes created into a new design. Clever and artistic! I can see why you love the store!
    It makes you want to hang on to that old 70’s item that is really getting a bit too tired but is still working, like my 80’s orange electric jug, which doesn’t have an automatic switch-off, so I have to stay close until it boils so I can switch it off! Ha, ha.

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  2. It’s true Jose. Philip said in the store yesterday that all those things our parents were throwing out in the 80’s from the 60’s and 70’s are now worth money…who would have thought?!


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