As an Interior Designer I’m familiar with high-end furniture, it comes at a price and I accept that. I’ve been fortunate enough to have clients who can afford it and when I’m not specifying it I very much enjoy being able to look at it, but even for me every once and a while there’s ‘that’ interior design establishment that’s just plain intimidating. Personally, ‘en linea barcelona’ looked and felt like just such a store.


When I visited with Philip, it was around 18:00 [Most stores in Spain are open until 20:00 or even 21:00] the entrance area is so austere and the store ill lit that initially I couldn’t actually tell whether they were open for business or not. A tentative push of the door confirmed that in fact they were. Still I paused and we pondered whether to proceed. I’ll give them their due, we were greeted with a “Hola” from a young shop assistant sitting behind her desk on entry; however, that was the first and last time we were acknowledged in the store…I guess we didn’t ‘scream’ money, potential client or … interior designer with potential client, for that matter.


‘en linea barcelona’ is predominantly a furniture store for Modern and Contemporary Italian designed furniture [Including pieces from my favourite Italian furniture designer Antonio Citterio] and 20th Century Design Classics made under licence [no Chinese reproductions here]. They also offer their own in-house interior design service. Their website is extremely comprehensive and one of the best I have seen for a Barcelona business to date. There are no prices anywhere, neither instore or on the web site, which reminds me of the Rolls Royce slogan when referring to their cars – ‘if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford one’

furniture-italian-style-by-antonio-citterio Furniture design by Antonio Citterio

Fundamentally the calculated and seemingly formulaic positioning of the furniture coupled with the complete lack of atmosphere in the showroom left me feeling quite ‘uninspired’ which is such a pity as I particularly love the modern paired back design of Italian furniture. Having said all that…I would certainly love to do an Interior, using pieces from their collection.

For some relief and design inspiration we took ourselves next door to Azul Terra


Address: Calle Córcega, 284



Ref: Images taken from google


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