stephenburkedesigns insta #9

Murano Glass Chandelier


Murano is an island in the lagoon of Venice, famous for its glass art of which its name is always associated.

First produced by Venetian glassmakers, Murano chandeliers date back around the year 1700. This new type of chandelier, considered masterpieces of the Venetian art, was called “ciocca”, literally bouquet of flowers, for the characteristic decorations of glazed polychrome flowers. The most sumptuous of them consisted of a metal frame covered with small elements in blown glass, transparent or coloured, with decorations of flowers, fruits and leaves, while simpler model had arms made with a unique piece of glass.

I love glass objects in their various shapes and forms and I most particularly love glass in the colour green.

NB: stephenburkedesigns ‘insta’ posts are images of furniture, lighting or design elements that have caught my eye and have appealed to me personally. They are initially posted on stephenburkedesigns Instagram account and then reposted here.
Ref: Murano Glass Chandeliers and Wikipedia

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