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Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders

10a Knotted Chair

Marcel Wanders ‘Knotted Chair’ was launched in 1996; the chair has the delicate appearance of handcrafted macramé – yet is extremely durable and light, both visually and physically.

The chair is constructed from lengths of hand-braided aramid and carbon fibre cord, which are impregnated with epoxy resin to provide rigidity. The knotted weave is then attached to a wooden frame to dry, letting gravity define the final form of the seat.

Marcel produced the first prototypes himself, before Italian furniture brand ‘Cappellini’ took over the manufacture, still using Marcel’s handicraft construction technique.

10b Knotted Chair

Click here to see the fascinating video highlighting the innovation and construction behind this wonderful creation:

Ref: and image of chair from Google
NB: stephenburkedesigns ‘insta’ posts are images of furniture, lighting or design elements that have caught my eye and have appealed to me personally. They are initially posted on stephenburkedesigns Instagram account and then reposted here.

3 thoughts on “stephenburkedesigns insta #10

  1. Yes, I like it! Such a simple design, I’m thinking…why hasn’t anyone else thought of this before, unless they have…? Makes me wonder how to use this design with recycled materials…maybe strips of old clothes, plastic bags or carpet…hmmm! Certainly leaves me thinking…! Thanks for that!


  2. Yes Jose, in a sense an incredibly simple design, but the technical aspects to the final product really intrigued me. I don’t know if you clicked onto the youtube link which shows the processes to make the chair, but I highly recommend it, the weaving of it on a vertical frame, the soak in resin and finally it being stretched out on a timber chair frame for the final product to set and harden…so fascinating. I agree the idea does lend itself to utilising recycled materials.


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