stephenburkedesigns insta #15

2017 Colour Trends: Colour No. 1 – Primrose Yellow

15 Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow – Pantone: 13-0755

Add a cheerful ‘pop’ of colour that evokes warmth and thoughts of a sunny day.

 The first colour in this year’s colour palette and in my opinion the most difficult to, interpret or ‘pin down’.

Primrose yellow is not easy to define, it is not a ‘clear’ yellow. As a tone of yellow it’s slightly golden and it’s slightly acidic, it moves toward the colour turmeric; however, it’s not as orange as turmeric, neither is it a ‘muddy’ or muted.

The internet provides numerous interpretations of this colour, not always successfully. I have done my best to download images that as closely represent the ‘pantone’ shade as possible.

Because it’s a ‘rich’ yellow I would recommend it as an accent, rather than a primary colour. Think ‘pops’ of yellow for impact rather than ‘blanket’ coverage.


Ref: Google Images
NB: stephenburkedesigns ‘insta’ posts are images of furniture, lighting or design elements that have caught my eye and have appealed to me personally. They are initially posted on stephenburkedesigns Instagram account and then reposted here.

5 thoughts on “stephenburkedesigns insta #15

  1. Definitely can not be use like a primary colour. Very warmer and create an optical illusion, giving the final result a very sophisticated image .
    To be honest , yellow is not one of my preferred colour , not in fashion and not in art but I need to thank you Stephen for this post and maybe I should start working more in this aspect . Fantastic👏😘💛

    Liked by 1 person

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