INTERIOR DESIGN STORE: MERCADER DE VENECIA [trans. from Spanish: Merchant of Venice]

I had set out with the intention of locating a completely different interior design store, something altogether contemporary and architectural when I took a wrong turn into a street that had the look of service road and stumbled across one of ‘those’ shops you hardly see. I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

Located in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona, ‘Mercader de Venecia’ isn’t really a store, as much as a series of well-orchestrated rooms, superbly laid out, show casing a collection of ‘very obviously’ hand-picked, traditional oriental objects, ceramics and furniture items. It is evident a person or persons have a very good ‘eye’ for sourcing and composition.


Natural tones and elements dominate. The whole is set against an authentic backdrop combining modernity with centennial remains, found during the renovation, such as original brick, stone and rendered walls and architectural elements of stone arches supported by brick columns. Lighting is well considered, potted plants abound and to complete the atmosphere the music selection is perfect. When the song ‘History Repeating’ by Propellerheads feat: Shirley Bassey played, I knew I was in my element.

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Mercader de Venecia: Business Background

Started just over 15 years ago, Mercader de Venecia is the outcome brought about by a small group of friends Toni Valls and Carlos Baladía and later Koke Valls, who had a passion for traveling and discovering the world and its cultures, particularly the orient.

“In ‘Mercader de Venecia’ we do not limit ourselves to selling furniture, we sell illusion. Our passion has been to source ‘difficult to find’ objects that we like. In this way we get you to like these objects as well… it is in here that one can understand our point of view on decoration.”


Mercader de Venecia: Services

As well as imported objets d’art and furniture items Mercader de Venecia offers:

  • Diseña tus muebles [Design your furniture]: Although, not aware of it at the time of my visit, the contemporary timber furniture items that appear on display alongside the sourced oriental items are in fact their own furniture range available as made to measure in a selection of finishes. [Unfortunately a catalogue of this furniture range is not presented on the website.]
  • Pinta tu casa [Paint your house]: A specially chosen colour palette in their own paint range.
  • Te ayudamos [We help you]: An interior design service.


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Carrer de la Granada del Penedés, 6  08006 Barcelona 


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  1. Stephen -What a wonderful reportage you´ve made. Again !!! What a Publicity for the store !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should offer you something in return ! (Not the least their connections). I do hope so that among your Barcelona, yo´ll come’upon someone that “Sees” you !

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