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43b Pantone Meadowlark

In 2017 we had Primrose Yellow, this year we have a clearer, brighter yellow ‘Meadowlark’ There are many instances when Meadowlark tends to be confused with the colour lemon, however; it’s a much warmer yellow, think tones of a juicy, sweet, ripe pineapple flesh.

Original Tiles

Found in the animal kingdom, look no further than the ‘Western Meadowlark’ Umm so I wonder where ‘Pantone’ got it’s inspiration for the name of this colour?! This ‘bird’ was ‘here’ first and shows the colour to perfection.

western_meadowlark states;

“The bold and lively Meadowlark, a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade highlights the spring 2018 season, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us.”

Eiseman notes “Regardless of what industry, yellow is a beacon of light. If you’re going to put something on your web site or in a window display, you know yellow is going to draw the eye. And nobody gets ignored wearing yellow.”


It might take some bravery to do an entire room in this colour, so take a note out of nature’s book and as with the ‘Western Meadowlark’ mix this colour against neutrals such as white and shades of grey…it works beautifully. Who needs a straight line even? I’m such a perfectionist that I struggle with this one and yet it actually works in its own way:

Concepts and Colourways
Source: Concepts and Colourways

Failing all-out room coverage, consider some ‘statement’ doors:

Skandináv DizájnSource: Skandináv Dizájn

Of course it is much easier to use as an ascent and it will happily sits beside a whole range of colours, or it could be used just on its own to brighten up a monochromatic or neutral colour scheme.

All about home design ideas 1
Source: All About Home design Ideas


I love this clever pairing:

shake my blog
Source: Shake My Blog


Image Source: In the text.

Ref Sources:

NB: stephenburkedesigns ‘insta’ posts are images of furniture, lighting or design elements that have caught my eye and have appealed to me personally. They are initially posted on stephenburkedesigns Instagram account and then reposted here.

5 thoughts on “stephenburkedesigns insta #43

  1. Hi Stephen!
    Good to have you back! I love the warmth of this yellow, especially the cushions!
    I love your saying, too!
    If we do get the chance to do things we love and with people we love, enjoy every minute of it!


  2. Hi again! I just wrote on your blog but can I also make a comment…?

    When you wrote ‘I wonder where Pantone got its inspiration’, you used ‘it’s’ as in ‘it is’.

    You might want to alter that?

    I hope you don’t mind me letting you know!??

    I’m so pleased you’re feeling more positive and obviously more creative again, too!

    Way to go!

    I looked on Google Maps for your address and saw you live in a lovely area, close to woodland/trees. Not far from the Zoo or the airport! Great!

    Love to you,


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for your message and I’m pleased you appreciate my comments.
    It looks like the apostrophe didn’t come out so yes, it will be hard to read that way!
    Okay, I wrote: When you wrote: I wonder where Pantone got its inspiration, you used “it’s” as in “it is”.
    (So it should be its, which means ‘it belongs to’, in this case’ the inspiration belongs to them’.
    A lot of people have trouble with it, so don’t worry.)

    You might want to alter that?
    I hope you don’t mind me letting you know!??

    Love and hugs


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