So … what is this blog about and why have I created it?

As much as I wanted a blog to be about ‘design’ from a career point of view:

  • interior design
  • manufacturing and design
  • design and the environment
  • past present and future interior design projects

I collaborate with Jean Foster of ‘foster and burke design’ a New Zealand based interior design business. I have also recently created ‘stephen burke designs’ with the intention of having a more fluid interior design business that allows me to take on design projects  wherever in the world I am commissioned. I specialise in Interior Design briefs for the residential, hotel and corporate sectors and have to date worked in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the UK


I also wanted a blog that focused on my belief, that everyday [bearing in mind circumstances can come into play] each of us gets to ‘design’ our life:

  • our ‘choices’ put us in various situations and take us in certain directions
  • what we ‘think’ creates the world we perceive and live in
  • we ‘create’ our possibilities and opportunities

Which brings me to … What’s Next?

Currently I am living in Wellington, New Zealand. This blog will continue to focus primarily on colour and design…and now and again I’ll showcase my experiences along this journey ‘we call life’